Production costs

Most web design services are generally reluctant to provide a set price list.  If they do, proceed with caution and look for hidden costs.


This is because prices have to be customised to clients’ needs, as every project is different and clients are always at different stages of webspace development, eg. you might already have your own domain name or your own site or you might be starting from scratch.


However, Dinky Websites can usually give a ball park estimate should you wish to consider your options.  

If you would like to discuss this, please get in touch.


To give you a very rough idea of cost, most small web design companies charge around £300 as a design fee for a very basic brochure site, ie. a couple of static pages.  Dinky Websites then charges around £100/year for hosting, domain name and domain email, including minor edits.

Major management of and/or changes to an existing site are negotiated according to the scope of the project.  So prices vary a great deal and the cost of your site will increase with the complexity of your requirements, eg. if you require e-commerce, forms, a database etc.

Building from scratch: creating a webspace that is ready to use from nothing.  This might just be a website (with or without email), just be social media or be a combination of options.


Bare bones: providing the basic structure of the above for you then to add the content and detail.  This is a value option for clients who have the ability to maintain their own webspace, but lack the confidence or knowledge to set it up initially.


Picking up the pieces of a self-build: you’ve started to build your own webspace, but need some help…


Overhaul: you have a webspace already, but it’s in need of some TLC.


New section: your needs have changed and your current webspace needs an extension.


Updates: regular or one-off.  NB: an out-of-date webspace can be worse than having no online presence at all!

Product list

Production process

This is an example of how Dinky Websites aims to work:


Examples of projects undertaken are

You, the client, decide what you want.  Dinky Websites can advise on this, but you need to be certain as it will be your webspace.


We confirm the details of the project and agree a price and timeframe*.

You pay a non-refundable deposit of 25% to Dinky Websites after agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (this is to protect us from unscrupulous scoundrels).  Payment is usually via PayPal.


If you have an existing webspace for us to work on, you hand over all access info and agree to remain hands off for the duration of the project.  Dinky Websites might need to change the access info during this period to ensure the webspace is only being edited by us.  It is important that you consider the implications of this and discuss any issues you might have with Dinky Websites before proceeding.  

OR Dinky Websites creates access to new a webspace for you.  Depending on how you plan to manage your webspace, you might need to make a payment to another provider at this point, but we will have discussed this before agreeing a price.


You provide all content, including text, images, graphics, video etc.


We complete the agreed project with consultation as necessary.

You sign the project off, possibly after a few final changes.

You pay Dinky Websites the balance.

Dinky Websites hands your webspace over to you, once payment has cleared.


If you plan to manage your webspace yourself, this is where it ends.... unless you contact us at a future date to help you further with your webspace.


Alternatively, we can manage your webspace for you or edit it on an ad hoc basis.  The fee for this service is agreed according to your needs.

The timeframe* starts from when you provide your content, eg. if we agree on a timeframe of three weeks, it means three weeks from our having received your content.

A little note about timeframes* ...

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