Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dinky Websites the right organisation for me?

The webspaces we provide are most suited to small businesses, complementary therapists, freelancers, individuals, families, local charities etc.  If you’re after something big and highly technical, you need to pay mega bucks to a larger web design firm.


We use templates and online web build packages [openly, unlike some other “web designers”!], so that our clients can easily manage the finished product, if they wish.  We also offer continued support for clients who are not able to maintain their own websites.


What do you mean by “webspace” and “online presence”?

People use the internet today completely differently from a few years ago, ie. before social media etc.  Whilst we believe websites and email are still essential for most clients, it’s now highly likely that you will also use social media, or might only use social media, so it’s useful to think in terms of your "online presence" or "webspace", not just your website.


Why no postal address?

We don't advertise our postal address online because we don't want to receive junk mail and we work from home.  


Where are you based?

The centre of the universe: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Term time only?!

Yes.  Dinky Websites aims to set an example as a 21st Century family-friendly organisation.  With this in mind, we maintain our current projects during the school holidays and only take on new projects during term time.  If our family-friendly approach doesn't suit your needs, there are plenty of 24/7 web design companies you might prefer to consult.

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