Who is going to use your webspace?  eg. clients, customers, family, friends, ages, demographic etc.  This will affect what your online presence comprises and how you present it.


Where are you going to be on the web?  Bear in mind that, whilst it's immensely powerful when it comes to marketing etc, some people are positively allergic to social media.  It might seem old school, but many people would still prefer only to use websites and email.  Don't assume that all your users like or are savvy with social media.  Choice is good.


How will they use your webspace?  How would you like them to use it? How would you not like them to use it?  For example: are you happy for anyone to comment on your Facebook page?  What if they post a complaint or something malicious?  How will you deal with it?


What will make them like your webspace?  How can you make it appeal to them and make it useful for them?  Is it easily accessible and easy to use?  What will make them recommend it to others?  What will make them keep returning to your webspace?  What will put them off your webspace and stop them from returning to it?









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