Why do you want an online presence?  What are you looking to achieve with it?


An out-of-date webspace is generally worse than no online presence: how much time/confidence do you have to update your webspace yourself or would you be better having someone do it for you?


What’s your budget?  Bear in mind that, whilst social media is usually free, domain names etc incur ongoing costs.


If you’re getting someone else to build your online presence, you need to think of it as a collaboration.  They will need a great deal of input and information from you – they can’t magic something out of nothing.  


Be aware that you will need to provide the content for your webspace - your web designer won't be able to make a start without it.  Organising your content and sending it to your designer ASAP will earn you a gold star!


Be as available and communicative as you can with your web designer through the entire project - it will run so much more smoothly!


Be sure of what you want before finalising it with your web designer – working with someone who changes their mind all the time can be a tad frustrating and is a waste of time and money.  Harsh, but true.


Try to be specific when making requests and conveying your ideas – web designers aren’t mind readers!  If you find it difficult to verbalise an idea, try to find examples to show them.


Be honest (and courteous) – if you don’t like how a project is progressing, you need to speak up at the time so that changes can be made – a good web designer should appreciate this.  


Don’t sign off a project that you’re not really happy with – remember, it’s a collaboration!


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